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'Rhiannon' by Fleedwood Mac.

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I am alone now. 
I am beyond recriminations.

Curtains are shut. 
The furniture has gone.

I am transforming, I am vibrating..
I’m glowing, I’m flying..
Look at me now..

'Jubilee Street' by Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds.

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‘Come Undone’ by Duran Duran.

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'Fun To Be Had' by Nitzer Ebb.

'Sharp Teeth Pretty Teeth' by Specimen.

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Well, you had it your way.
Now don’t you think it’s my turn?
You had it your way.
Stupid people they never learn.

'A Hundred Words' by The Beloved.

‘Driven Like The Snow’ by The Sisters Of Mercy.

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Your knowledge is impressive
And your argument is good
But I am the resurrection, babe,
And you’re standing on my foot!

'Little Empty Boat' by Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds

Love, sisters.
It’s just a shot away.
Shot away, shot away.

'Gimme Shelter' by The Sisters of Mercy.

'Shivers' by The Boys Next Door.

'I Should Have Known Better' by Wire.

'Dark Entries' by Bauhaus.

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'Go!' by Tones On Tail.

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'You Don't Look The Same' by Play.

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'Sex Dwarf' by Soft Cell.

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